Is Your Love Real or Just An Imitation?

One of life’s greatest gifts is the gift of being in love.

With so many variations and imitations, how can we possibly know for sure if the love we have is real? Not all of us have had the pleasure of experiencing real love, though the vast majority have experienced the very real pain of heartache time and time again.

Love is described by many as being unpredictable, exciting and fun, filled with heart palpitations and sweaty palms. It’s often compared to an emotional rollercoaster. However, those lucky enough to have experienced real love describe it more like comfort, compromise, hard work and joy. And it is depicted more as an incredibly sacred space.

In my eyes, Love knows when you’re feeling less than your best. Love reminds you of your true essence when you have forgotten. Love will offer you a leg to stand on when you feel you don’t have one. Love is a partnership. Love is unquestionable trust. Love always wants to see you shine. Love is mutual respect and support. Love is your confidante. Love is selfless. Love is always open to compromise. Love keeps you strong, resilient and confident. Love sees your potential and will encourage you to unleash it. Love is the arms that are always open to take you into them. 

How is it that some of us find real love and some of us don’t? Is it Luck? Or is it simply that those who have found it, have had enough self-love and courage to walk away from an imitation leaving room for real love to enter into their lives?

How do you know if the Love you have is real? I suppose this question is only answered when you no longer find yourself asking the question.

❤ Embrace Your Awesomeness ❤

 It’s your turn! How do YOU distinguish between real love and imitation love? Does true love really exist or is it just a fairytale?


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