Take Owness For Your Ripples!

challengeWhat would happen if the only resolution you made for 2013 was to love yourself more? What if 2013 was the year you focused only on fully owning and embracing your inner awesome?

When you look at the world, what you see is a reflection of your thoughts within. If your thoughts within were kinder, gentler, more loving, and accepting, you would see a kinder, gentler, more loving, and accepting world reflected back to you.

I have spent the last few years testing this theory, time and time again. I’m not finished learning, I am a far cry from becoming a master at the craft, but here’s what I’ve learned so far; when I feel balanced within, everything in my world feels balanced. When I feel positive and hopeful, I emanate positivity and hopefulness to those around me. When I am kind and loving, others are too. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying everyone magically starts dancing around with daisies. I’m saying those who are kind and loving hold your attention, and those who are not, don’t.

When you love yourself more, you love others more. When you fully own and embrace your inner awesome, you will find it easy to accept others exactly as they are. When you feel love within, you emanate that love outward and onto everyone around you.

People are curious creatures. Our world sees unimaginable pain, suffering, and darkness. Positive thinking won’t wash it all away but let me ask you this…If everyone resolved to love themselves more and truly embraced their own inner awesome, there would be no room for anything less than love, kindness, and acceptance. There’s a glimpse into a true visionary’s mind! I can hear every realist out there now….NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Well, I’m an idealist and I say “maybe not, but each person who gives it an honest shot, focusing only on igniting their own internal flame, it’ll change THEIR world, and the ripple effect caused by that one person can touch countless other lives and that’s good enough for me! The question is…is it good enough for you?

Think about it this way…Positive or negative, your thoughts, actions, and attitude create a constant ripple effect. What kind of ripple effect are you causing?

This year I challenge you to take owness for your ripples – ignite your internal flame and embrace your inner awesome – may the ripple effect you cause boomerang right back to you one day πŸ™‚ Please take a few moments to feed your soul with this video πŸ™‚

End of The World or A Time of Change?

2012. Maya prophecy

Here we are, December 21st 2012. Is it the end of the world or the beginning of something better? I don’t know if or when the world may end, but I do know that great change is needed, and I can’t help but to look forward with childlike expectation with hope that maybe finally, the time has come.

December 21st 2012 marks the end of the Macha & the beginning of Pacha. It is the end of selfishness and the beginning of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism and the beginning ofΒ  – Evo Morales

In the last few years we’ve experienced major catastrophes; tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, superstorms. Our weather seem to be breaking records and making history.Β  Thousands are left homeless. Violence and illness are rampant as well. Much of the food that we eat is contaminated. Mental illnesses are left untreated. Suicide is at an all time high. Parents are burying their children.This is a time of great suffering for all of humankind. I choose to believe with every ounce of my heart that change is upon us.

Apocalypse – Greek for “lifting the veil” or “revelation” – is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. – Wikipedia

There are many theories about what may or may not happen on December 21 2012, I always choose to believe what makes my heart feel just right. When I hear that this is a time for change, a time for a new age, an age of enlightenment and peace among humans and the world itself, I can’t help but feel the same magic I felt as a child at Christmas. This is what I choose to believe; That as we enter 2013, we enter an age of unity. I choose to see the end of the Mayan calendar as a new beginning for mankind.

May your ‘Apocalypse’ be magical πŸ™‚



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