Unique No-Fail Christmas Gifts

The gift giving season is upon us. Everyone’s running around with endless shopping lists and maxed out credit cards.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s time to reconsider this Xmas thing? …. OR maybe it’s time to start REMEMBERING….It’s Christmas!!!

There are 2 gifts at the top of everyone’s wish list that have been there for so long we all forget to include them. They are guaranteedtomakeanyonesmile, nofail gifts and can be tailored to suit any budget. With the cost of everything on the rise, these gifts can’t afford to be missed this year.

Compliments – Nowadays genuine compliments are relatively rare, found only in the souls with the purest of hearts.

Genuine compliments are one of life’s most soughtafter indulgences. A simple compliment can turn a mediocre day into a fabulous one. It can uplift spirits, and boost self-esteem in a single dose!

A compliment can be given on it’s own or presented in the form of a letter. Imagine the simplicity of it…..a sincere keepsake!

Be forwarned, once you start handing them out, they instill such a joyful feeling, it’s likely you may not ever be able to stop!

The second gift is Time. Also a rare treasure, Time is a sacred gift, it is also probably the most cherished of all gifts.

Time is a gift that creates memories. It is quite spectacular really, it’s reward is instantaneous and the memories can last a lifetime. Unique, exquisite and amusing. A winning combination – wouldn’t you agree?

Of course if neither of these gifts generate a smile for a certain someone, you could always point them in the direction of a fabulous feel-good blog such as this one where they can continue to constantly be reminded of their awesomeness 😉

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with enough love, hope and happiness to last the whole year thru!

I fully embrace your Awesomeness!

It’s your turn! Do you have any unique thoughtful gift ideas to share?


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