Authentic Forgiveness


When we can recognize ourselves in others and we can accept that all of creation is connected, we learn the meaning of authentic forgiveness.

Authentic forgiveness is the ability to let go of grievances; criticism, objections, judgements, guilt, blame – and turn those grievances into acceptance.

Accepting that life is sometimes unfair. Accepting that most people are not going to fall under our idea of ‘perfect’. Accepting that everyone is perfectly who they are. Accepting every mistake (yes, even the big ones!) as an opportunity for correction, an opportunity to learn, an opportunity for growth.  Accepting that what might be right for you is not necessarily what is right for the next person. Accepting that things are rarely as they seem. Accepting that what may seem like an injustice may actually come to be a blessing. And finally, accepting that God’s plan for you may be different than what you had planned yourself.

Ego plays a dark role in all our lives. It’s that annoying little voice inside that tells us we are inadequate, that we need to prove ourselves to everyone around us, making us believe that we are somehow better or that we don’t quite measure up to others, leaving us questioning whether we are failures or too good for our own good. Ego’s will is to keep us feeling separate and alone. Ego is our greatest deceiver.

The truth is that we are all sharing this experience together. We all fight the same battles, the only difference is in how our problems and challenges present themselves and how we react to them. Consider this for a moment: All problems stem from separation.

If this is true, authentic forgiveness / connection is the answer to every problem. When authentic forgiveness is achieved all that is left is absolute love and acceptance for all that is.

We will do anything to protect and care for those we feel completely connected to.We will make time for them. We will smile and acknowledge them. We will make sure they are fed, clothed, and loved. We will swallow our pride, let go of our ego and apologize when necessary. We will allow them to make mistakes, even if sometimes we are hurt in the process. When we feel connected, when we let go of judgments, blame, and grievances, we accept. We accept every person. We accept each moment. We accept our circumstances. We love ourselves enough to learn from every person, each circumstance and make change when necessary.

In a world of connection and absolute forgiveness, no one is left behind. Everyone is cared for, fed, and provided for. Everyone is loved and accepted exactly as they are.

All blessings and miracles in the world are visible from this place of absolute truth.

May your day be filled with love and miracles!


You…Through My Eyes

YOU through my eyes

I see in you a girl who has faced more challenges in life than most. A girl who has felt hurt and pain throughout her entire life. I see in you a girl who became a better woman because of it.

I see in you strength, tireless and determined, a strength that has enabled you to conquer the blows that life has thrown your way.

I see in you someone who’s made countless mistakes, only to grow from every single one of them.

I see in you love, a love that is kind and pure, a love that is given from you freely to those you hold dear.

I see in you a woman who genuinely does the best she can with what she knows. One who makes difficult decisions with care and consideration.

I see in you insecurities, brought to life only by false beliefs, false ideas, and false perceptions.

I see in you unlimited potential, able to achieve whatever you dare only to dream.

I see in you vulnerability -although very well hidden – I see in you a woman who is often too hard on herself, one who needs to know she is loved and appreciated, and deserves to be reminded of it.

Embrace Your Awesomeness!

Share this with the women in your life who could use a little loving reminder of how truly beautiful they really are ❤

Suicide and Depression – What Part Do We Play?

This is based on a powerful speech my 13 year old daughter Allyssa gave to her class last year. I feel that the message is too important not to share. It’s a message that should be shared with all youth, as well as adults because sadly even at our age, we continue to fight this battle. ~ Sandy Bucholtz

Did you know suicide is the leading cause of non-accidental death among children and youth in Ontario? Three deaths every week. More children die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness, and diabetes combined.

If this horrifying trend continues, how many of our own friends will we have to bury?

It’s time for change! It’s time for us to STOP! And start asking questions; why is this happening? Is there something we can do to turn things around?

Social media, bullying, and untreated mental health issues rank high on the list of factors people talk about, but I have to wonder if it could also be due to the hurtful, frequent efforts of dismissal we experience every day by our peers.

As a people watcher, I see countless acts of unprovoked dissing every single day in my school. You know what I’m talking about; the exaggerated rolling of the eyes, and heavy sighs, the rude comments, suggestive statements, and rumors. That feeling you get when you’re just being yourself, goofing around just doing your own thing and out of nowhere people start calling you “weird”  or “loser” and giving you those looks that let you know you are not behaving to someone else’s standards. We’ve all experienced them at one time or another. Even subtle comments that often get overlooked by others can be so hurtful.


Sometimes these things are done to tease, sometimes, they are done to make someone feel like they don’t belong. No matter what the reasoning behind it, it hurts. Yes, I realize that for most people doing the teasing and taunting, the whole point is to cause hurt. So I ask you this:

How many times can a person be treated so unfairly, or dismissed every time they speak before they start to wonder and eventually believe that they are just a waste of space?

If all that pressure alone weren’t enough, let’s not forget to add to it the pressure from the media with all the “loose weight”, “flawless skin”, “perfect grades”, “fashion first”, “must-have”, and “must-be’s” All around us, each of us is constantly hearing the same message “I am not enough” , “I will never be enough”. How can we not question our worth?

Maybe I can’t change the media, and I may not be able to change my school. All I can do, is do what I can. I will choose to treat my peers like they matter, even if they don’t wear the same clothes, think the same thoughts, or get the same grades as me. I will accept them even though they are different, because at least if they are different, I know it’s because they have the courage not to be a carbon copy of someone else.

~ Allyssa Bucholtz
Our behaviors, our attitudes, affect the lives of those around us. Our smile can mean the world to someone struggling within. Smile at strangers, be generous with your compliments, be gentle with people who may be having a rough day (or month). You make a difference, good or bad, every day you leave your mark. Is yours the mark of someone who’s made a positive difference? When you are courteous to others, others are courteous to you. Embrace the power you have to shape the world around you!

Embrace your Awesomeness!

Obstacles, Challenges & Change…Oh, My!

All too often, we set a goal and put into place new habits to achieve a desired outcome…A Master Plan! And all too often, life gets in our way.

Sometimes we choose to surrender to the obstacles we face. Sometimes we choose to persevere in spite of them. Whatever we choose, the sad fact remains…we get knocked down far more often than we triumph.

And yet isn’t it facing and overcoming those same challenges and obstacles that makes our victory all the more sweet? Think about it…the more we fail and continue to move forward, the more triumphant we really are. I’m sure Helen Keller’s teacher, Anne Sullivan would agree 🙂

Every challenge and every obstacle make our journey all the more joyous in the end.

Sometimes the obstacles seem too great. Perhaps those are the times to seriously consider that although we may have a plan for our life, life may also have a plan for us.

Maybe the trick to keeping our head above water through difficult times is simply to allow and accept the challenges, the obstacles and the changes we’re forced to make as the sugar that makes our journey all the more sweet.

The next time life closes a door on you, take joy in having the courage to face it with determination and a great sense of humour because you know full well that your reward will be sweet!

“I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot. . . and missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why. . . I succeed.”
— Michael Jordan

Embrace your Awesomeness!

It’s your turn! This was my attempt to shift your perception of obstacles you face every day, did it work?


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