The Fountain Of Youth

Have you found yourself in hot pursuit of the fountain of youth? Denying your age or vehemently trying to defy it?

What are you thinking?

Would you honestly ever want to go back in time and relive your youth? How many times have you heard yourself saying “if only I knew then what I know now”??  That’s because age has made you an even better you!

Age teaches us to appreciate more, to love more deeply, to give more freely, to communicate more clearly, and to cherish ordinary moments.

Every laugh line, every wrinkle represents the life you’ve lived. And if you’ve lived it right, it’s been a life worth living.

Authentic beauty can only truly be seen with age.

Maybe it’s time to consider ending the great battle with age and start embracing all the beauty it represents. Maybe this year, instead of counting gray hairs, start a new tradition by counting your blessings instead.

Every year is a year to be celebrated and treated as a great blessing, for every year we are gifted with new knowledge, new experiences, new adventures, new endeavors, new friends, and countless precious memories.

Age graces us with strength, understanding, and a stronger sense of self.

Each and every candle on that cake represents an entire year of LIFE!

Is that really something you would want to defy and deny?

The truth is, the Fountain of Youth has been found by many. It’s whereabouts remains a mystery because once a seeker becomes a finder, they are so consumed by it’s exponential joy, that they forget they were ever searching for it in the first place!

The Fountain of Youth can be discovered deep inside your soul. It is your ability to play, your curious nature, and your childlike enthusiasm. Once you’ve successfully located all 3 components, you will have inevitably stumbled upon your very own Fountain of Youth. That’s right; the secret lies in finding the balance between recognizing the beauty of age and accepting the child within.


Embrace Your Awesomeness  ~ no matter what your age ~ 

It’s your turn! Do you think it’s time for people to start embracing their age?


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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde

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