Creative Fun With Friends

Being creative is a mood changer. A super charger. A happy maker. Add food, friends, and a couple of drinks to the mix and you’ve got yourself a fantastical afternoon of innovative fun 🙂

This particular get-together was a bit of a last minute idea. We had less than a week to pull it together and every single detail of our gathering had changed from our original plan and guess what? Everything flowed flawlessly regardless of all the changes (of course it did, we had wine 😉 )

craft day-bunnyWe had no previous wreath making experience, nor were we die hard crafty people. We were just a handful of girls who wanted to kick back, relax, and experiment with some craft supplies. Our intention was to create this cute little bunny wreath.

From start to finish, we each created something totally different and unique. This is what we took home with us:

Sometimes the craft store doesn’t carry the right size wreath or you can’t seem to find the decorations you absolutely need to carry out your vision. Follow thru anyway, you just might surprise yourself. Life doesn’t always work out the way you intend it to. Ride the waves and enjoy the time you have to play. In the end you’re likely to have created something totally unique, even more beautiful than you had originally planned.

Thanks for a much needed, super fun afternoon Ladies! 🙂


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