Creative Play – Paint Nite

Paint Nite2

Have you had the opportunity to experience a Paint Nite yet? Huge shout-out to the creative genius that inspired this hot new trend!! WOW!

Allow me highlight the brilliance of this event.

Your ticket gifts you with an evening of laughter, friendship, memory-making, and PAINT!

Here’s what you can expect at a Paint Nite event. You enter the host location preferably with your paint clothes on and sign in. At your table you will find the treasures your creative subconscious yearns for; a canvas, a table easel, an art apron, paint brushes, a cup of water (do not drink! It’s for your paints!) and 2 plates. Your plate becomes your palette and you’re ready to get started (Supplies likely vary per project, I’ve only been to one….so far!)

Could it possibly get any better?! Yes, it does! Throw in some cocktails. Maybe even some appetizers. Indulge.

Once the lesson begins, a master art teacher guides you through the featured painting step-by-step. Now, of course I can’t speak for all teachers, but ours – Candace – radiated awesome! She was FUN! She was engaging and patient. She had a great sense of humor and kept us giggling all evening. We all absolutely loved her. She also happens to have impeccable taste in music. Every now and again, I would completely lose myself in my project. I’d get out of my chair and stand to paint, the music would take over and I’d catch myself dancing a little… wishing I could dance a lot…reminding myself to remain focused 🙂 Music AND Painting. YES! Candace and her music made for an extraordinary evening.

At the end of the night, you are left marveling at the natural talent you didn’t even know you had in you!

Now get this…your Paint Nite staff takes care of clean up. That’s right. Your ticket buys you an evening out, a FUN evening out, the unveiling of your creative talents, your supplies for the night, an artist ready to help should you get stuck, and you don’t even need to worry about the clean up. From start to finish you’ve completed a masterpiece within a few hours. Brilliant!

Right now, there is a 35% savings coupon code on Paint Nite. If you’ve ever considered attending one of this fabulous events, I highly recommend you do. What are you waiting for?! Get out there and get your creative play on 🙂

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