Creative Play -Fondant Cake

Actively exercising my creative juices has a way of waking my feel-good like nothing else! This little gem of a discovery has really amped up my joy de vivre after a too-long spell of blah. It’s made such an incredible difference that I’ve decided to make it my personal challenge to tackle one creative project every single day. These projects can include small efforts like a small drawing, journaling (which I try to do every day anyways), taking pictures, whatever peaks my interest. Too often I’ve talked myself out of creative play for any number of reasons ranging from insufficient time to insufficient talent to insufficient supplies to insufficient knowledge. No matter how you want to call it or what you want to name it, any excuse boils down to insufficient belief in self. Creative Play is ever accessible. Whatever projects or activities you take on are entirely and infinitely your choice.

The Fondant Cake is not my first project since taking on this challenge. I will post the others at a later date. For now, let’s get started with Cake!

This was my first attempt working with fondant. Not bad 🙂

The 3 tier turned out best. The 2 tier got sat on by my cat. No, she didn’t sit directly on the cake! She sat on the box I had stored the cake in. She busted up the bow – good thing I had no idea how many ribbon pieces I needed….I had just enough left to fix it. Some of the icing moved a little but overall for a first attempt, I can’t complain.

I’m not gonna lie…this was not an easy task. This project took over the better part of my week. But, I had made a commitment to creativity and I had 2 special birthdays coming up! Yes, that’s right. I took on the fondant challenge and insisted on making 2 cakes, not one! If you are looking to take on fondant, here are a few tips. Tip#1, Invest in a Wilton “Roll-N-Cut Mat”. I learned this tip a little later than I would have liked. This mat would have helped me a lot with my ribbons.And the rolling….truth: there were a lot of curse words flying out of mouth while I was trying to work with the fondant on my flat icing sugared surface. When I started using the mat, I felt like I’d discovered gold. Tip #2, I got my supplies at Bulk Barn and saved BIG compared to craft stores. Tip #3 homemade marshmallow fondant tastes good, bought fondant tastes bad. I’m so glad I decided to make the fondant. Here’s the recipe I used.  You can color it using icing coloring. Tip #3, you don’t need a whole lot of supplies. I made do with my mat and a fondant smoother. That being said, the next cake I take on – should I ever decide to – I will purchase a fondant trimmer. For these cakes, I used my pizza cutter….it didn’t work well. They may look the same, but I’d be willing to bet the material of the cutter is vital for success.

Then I simply followed along with this tutorial as best as I could.

That’s it! Masterpiece complete 🙂

Here’s to you and your creative play 🙂

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