Father, I give You all my thoughts today. I would have none of mine. In place of them, give me Your Own. I give You all my acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings. Today I come to You. I will step back and merely follow You. Be You the guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love who’s tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me. ~ A Course In Miracles

Isn’t it beautiful?

Embrace Your Awesomeness!

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  1. This is a gorgeous prayer! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to use it myself.

    I just emailed this to my friend, before reading where the prayer came from. But of course, it comes from A Course in Miracles, the book that my friend and I are studying together.

  2. Anonymous

     /  March 18, 2013

    Yes…..beautiful just like you and your spirit!

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