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September is here bringing with it the promise of fresh new beginnings. New pens, pencils, paper, crayons, laptops, backpacks and lunch kits. New recipes, new schedules, new routines. Everything we need to ensure success!

We are so confident in this beautiful promise that many of us tend to over-commit ourselves stretching our schedules way too thin with sports, volunteering, yoga, tutoring, and anything else we are convinced will better our lives in one way or another. We step into September with a We-Can-Do-It-All attitude and the enthusiasm is contagious!

Take an honest look at what your year looks like. Think back to last November, were you wishing you had more time? Are you stretching yourself to thin? There’s a lot to be said about sitting down and eating dinner with your family. Talking about your day, listening and fully being present in hearing about the adventures in theirs, tasting and digesting your food – these are luxurious moments not many of us make the time for.

There is a certain peace that comes from being fully present in the moment without rushing into the next one. There is a certain feeling of excitement that comes from spending an evening without a plan. Think back to a time last year when extra curricular activities were cancelled due to weather conditions…were you filled with relief? Did you cheer 😉

When you look at your fresh new start, is it cluttered with commitment or does it honestly feel exciting? Determine what’s truly important to you, assess your schedule honestly, and re-organize if necessary to reflect your heart’s desire.

Every single moment is an opportunity for a new beginning and the most life altering changes occur with little more than a new perspective.

What if we commit to starting and ending each day with gratitude and kind words? Throw in a commitment to a good deed a day and you’ve got life-altering, stress-free, joy-inducing change! There’s not telling where that kind of commitment will get you. The sky is the limit my friend 🙂

 Your habits determine your success. Your choices determine your lifestyle. The power lies with YOU!

Here’s to a fresh start filled with the promise of possibility and organized chaos 🙂

Embrace Your Awesomeness!

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