Friendships, Boundaries, and Jelly Beans

Friendships are one of life’s most beautiful gifts. Through our friendships, we share, we love, we learn, we grow.

Most of us are fortunate to be blessed with many forms of friendships in our lives. Some friends we see or talk to every day, others every few months, while others we may touch base with only every few years and can still pick up exactly where we left off.  Some frienships last a lifetime, others are fleeting. Each friendship is as unique as it is special.

I often refer to my friends as “the pink jelly beans of my life” because no matter what, they make me feel good… And seriously, pink jellybeans are the bomb! My friends and I support each other in achieving our goals, we listen with our hearts in moments of sorrow, we bask in the sheer joy of  just being together. We are our own cheerleaders,  sounding boards, and counsellors. We see each others brilliance and we act as reminders of that brilliance when one of us has forgotten.

Boundaries are necessary in all of our relationships. We teach others how to treat us. Our boundaries act as guides in this teaching. If you find your friendships begin to develop a pattern of hurt, forgive the person who hurt you, forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt, and check your boundaries! We are all worthy of experiencing genuine friendships and we are all worthy of choosing to spend our time on and with those who fill us with a sense of comfort, peace, and joy.

Boundaries are a necessary part of friendships, sometimes those boundaries include a little distance for a little while in order to take a step back to gain a new perspective ♥

Whether a friendship is long term, short term, or fleeting, every person that comes into your life has crossed your path to teach you something valuable.

Contrary to the view from my rose coloured glasses, I don’t believe that we are all meant to be friends with everyone we meet.  I believe we are meant to love, learn from, grow with, recognize, and appreciate the true “pink jelly beans” in our lives.

Embrace the sheer awesomeness of each and every one of your friendships!

Embrace your awesomeness!

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  1. You just made my heart smile 🙂 that means a lot ~ Thank you!

  2. Sandy….this inspired me within seconds…and completely resonated today 🙂 and only moments from reading your Facebook message…:) Thanks for touching base…

    Jen C

  3. Thank you Holly! I’m honored!

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