Are You Worthy of Love?


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love BIG. I genuinely, absolutely, and easily LOVE everyone in a BIG way. What they may not know, is that it is not easy for me to receive love in return.

For example, I love my girlfriends so much, they really are the pink jelly beans of my life! It’s easy for me to love them completely. They are all different, they are all beautiful, they are all caring, compassionate, fun-filled girls. I have enough love for them to supply the world. My friends will often tell me they love that I make them believe that they can achieve anything they want. When I hear those words, my heart smiles and before accepting the love being given to me, I deny it by saying “NO, I’m simply reminding you of your brilliance when you’ve forgotten it” and I brush it off.

I realized today that this is precisely where I’m going wrong. When someone gives love, it’s up to the receiver to accept it. When my friends give me love for reminding them of their brilliance (and what a beautiful reason that is!), it’s up to me to fully accept and embrace their love – whenever, however, and for whatever reasons they choose to give it – in its entirety.

I’m not sure why I question, diminish, or deny love, maybe I don’t feel worthy of receiving such beauty. Whatever the reason, if I feel it, I can’t be the only one who shares this experience.

Imagine how completely beautiful we would feel if we unquestioningly, fully accepted any and all love that was sent our way every day.

Next time your children hug you, your co-worker greets you with a warm hello, your neighbor smiles at you, or your friends tell you how fabulous you are – pay close attention – love is being sent your way. Will you take these expressions for granted or can you fully accept and receive it for all that it is?

You deserve all the love that comes your way. You are absolutely worthy of receiving it.

Embrace your awesomeness!

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  1. Right back atcha Jenny!!

  2. Anonymous

     /  March 20, 2012

    You are my pink jelly bean! You always make me smile! I am grateful

  3. Gratitude is such a beautiful thing in itself 🙂 I am grateful for the love you share every day Jill 🙂

  4. Absolutely! I’ve started to incorporate expressions of love in my gratitude journal as well. Is it that love is taken for granted, or is it that we don’t feel worthy of receipt? In my case, I think it’s a little bit of both and that’s all going going to change starting now! 🙂

  5. What a great post Sandy. LOVE is abundant, it is everywhere, it surrounds us. All you need to do to have a little more happiness in your life is to recognize the sources of love around you, then welcome it in and cherish it in all it’s forms.

  6. Jill I. Maw

     /  March 19, 2012

    One of the hardest tasks of my life has been to learn to say “Thank you”. Whether for a physical gift like a book, an emotional gift like support in the rough times or a “heart” gift like love, I have difficulty feeling worthy and therefore accepting the gift; learning to say “Thank you” — and nothing more —has helped enormously!

    Some lessons are hard to accept, hard to hear and even harder to put into practice. But they are, if we pay attention, the lessons we were sent here to learn and to share.

    Jill 🙂

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